Recap: Christmas Carol-oke with House Spirits

About a year ago I tasted through some of House Spirits’ line. I was at the time most aware of their Aviation gin but really enjoyed their rum, whiskey and aquavit offerings as well. Throughout this year, I have been happy to seek it out and had the best time at their recent Aviation gin […]

Recap: LA Craft Beer Crawl

Los Angeles has become a craft beer lovers’ dream city. A few months ago, 213 Nightlife hosted its 4th Annual LA Craft Beer Crawl through their Downtown LA bars including The Varnish, Cole’s, Casey’s, Las Perlas, Broadway Bar, Golden Gopher, Cana Rum Bar and Seven Grand. This year, the event was spread over 2 days […]

2013 Portland Cocktail Week

October 2013 Features Ancho Reyes Appleton Rum – after party Aviation Gin Bacardi Bar Challenge Bacardi Masquerade Ball Beefeater Gin spa day Broken Shaker bar takeover of Oven & Shaker Campari Bartenders Ball Cole’s bar takeover of Huber’s Hendrick’s Gin – Curling Jameson Black Barrel Monkey Pod bar takeover of Hale Pele Pouring Ribbons bar […]

Flashback: Mad Hatter Themed International Women’s Day Party

Earlier this year, I celebrated National Women’s Day at Cole’s Red Car bar. The Alice in Wonderland/ Mad Hatter theme was reflected in the drinks menu. And everyone was invited to wear hats. I started with Karen Grill’s Very, Merry, Unbirthday punch (Hendrick’s gin, Art in the Age Rhubarb, Earl Grey tea, lemon, soda), a […]

Flashback: LUPEC Tiki Nights at La Descarga

  In October, LUPEC LA (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) bartenders took over La Descarga every Tuesday during tiki night. Monies raised went to the Downtown Women’s Center. LUPEC LA and La Descarga donoated $2300 from the Tiki Takeover series. I attended the night sponsored by Montanya Rum, a woman-owned rum company. […]

The Minty Reviews: Ancho Reyes

At this year’s Portland Cocktail Week, I had a chance to try Ancho Reyes, an ancho chile pepper liqueur that’s launching in California and Texas this month. The liqueur is made from a Mexican recipe dating back to 1927. The flavor is very much of chile, chocolate and cinnamon. It can be enjoyed neat but […]

Drink with the LUPEC LAdies at La Descarga

  I’m in this really cool cocktail club called LUPEC or Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails. LUPEC originally started in Pittsburgh and there are several chapters around the country. Some are namely drinking societies but most have a charitable slant. The LUPEC chapter in New York started Speed Rack, a bartending competition […]