Ready to Drink: Malibu Red

Daniel de Oliveira pouring for Malibu Red

While I was at Nightclub and Bar, I learned about a category called “Ready to Drink” or RTD for short. I have always known about such things but being a fan of bartenders and craft cocktails, it’s hard for me to understand why anyone would want a pre-mixed cocktail. It’s like beer already flavored with lime. Then of course, I realized how lucrative this market is. If you’re at a club and want a consistent drink that’s not a beer, Malibu Red on the rocks would be an easy choice.

When I first tasted it chilled, I was pleased it didn’t taste at all artificial. I will readily admit to drinking lots of Malibu in my younger years, most often with pineapple juice. It tasted like candy and I often told my girlfriends they’d like that drink. No one ever turned it down.I was expecting something like that but it’s definitely not as sweet as I imagined it’d be.

Malibu Red is a mix of the coconut rum and tequila. It’s interesting they have recipes for drinks on their website.

Malibu Red


At Malibu Red’s private party, they were making a few cocktails. This one, the Malibu Red Twist, is simply Malibu Red with lemon lime soda with a twist. Easy peasy.

Ne-Yo is the spokesperson and he has talked about how he came up with this combination back in the day. Ne-Yo is really nice and very patient. I may not be the target demographic for this product but I’m not adverse to it.


Malibu Red

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