A Cuban Manhattan at Charlie Palmer

Cuban Manhattan

After tasting a couple of drinks from the late night happy hour menu at Charlie Palmer, I spotted Brugal Rum and asked for an Old Fashioned with it. As it turned out, I got a Rum Manhattan instead. The internet gods have decreed this drink a “Cuban Manhattan.” Brugal though is from the Dominican Republic.

I agree with the bartender that this dark rum made a better Manhattan than an Old Fashioned but I wouldn’t have been adverse to one. I told her sometimes I’d get a tequila Manhattan which the internet gods are calling a “Tijuana Manhattan.” Calling these drinks by location reminds me of the freeway signs in LA. You have to know that San Bernadino is to the East and Santa Monica is to the West on the 10 freeway. Cuban = rum, Tijuana = tequila.

Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset – 10 Cane Rum, Star Anise, Clove, Citrus, Sugar Cane

For a drink with a lot of spices in it, I didn’t get much from this cocktail.


Eno – George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, orange, ginger infused ginger honey ale

I am afraid I didn’t fare much better with the Eno with its confusing ginger infused ginger honey ale.

So, how do you drink like the Minty? Order something you know you’ll like. It this case, let’s go Cuban Manhattan!

Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale’s

South Coast Plaza

3333 S Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 – (714) 352-2525
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