Get Some Island Flavor: Win Hawaii Bitters

Are you a bitters freak? Prove it then. There are 3 more days to pledge to the Hawaii Bitters Kickstarter. They need about another $4500 to make their $20,000 goal which will help them create 7 bitters flavors.

I’m hugely interested in Lillikoi, Kona Coffee, Macadamia Nut, Pineapple, Taro, Guava and more. The Kiawe Wood, Tiki, Mai Tai and Lavender also sound great.

They need backers to help purchase things like base spirits, barrels, bottles and get those bitters distributed. It takes around $4000-$5000 to create a new flavor. Check out the video and Kickstarter page here.
Backers get cool stuff! For those who donate $1, you get a digital set of recipe cards and you can read through all the other cool stuff you could get on the Kickstarter page but what I’m most excited about is the pledge of $75 gets you invited to a launch party in Oahu, Los Angeles or San Francisco.
Their initial Kickstarter helped them create 3 flavors. Mike Prasad and Kyle Reutner who started Hawaii Bitters have graciously donated 3 bottles to be given away.

Win a bottle of Hawaii Bitters by tweeting @HawaiiBitters & @theminty the link to the Kickstarter page: Comment to this post with a link to your tweet to be entered into a drawing. The bitters will be shipped when the bitters are ready (approximately November 2012). The Minty will draw 3 winners at the end of the week. (**No purchase necessary to enter the contest)

Hawaii Bitters Kickstarter

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