Estelle for Rosa Regale at the London



After I got back from Tales of the Cocktail, I had about a day to get it together and drink some more. After all, who’s keeping track? Oh yeah.

I just knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see Estelle and trying Rosa Regale, an Italian sparkling pink wine. Estelle gave a private performance on the rooftop of the London Hotel in West Hollywood. It was gorgeous out and our blinking straws and ice cubes were a fun addition to chill our drinks.

Rosa Regale


First I tried Rosa Regale on its own. It’s a tiny bit sweet and very cheerful. I wouldn’t actually mind it cut with a bit of sparkling water or soda.

Rosa Regale – Raspberry Delight cocktail


Next we had one of their cocktails, the Raspberry Delight (Rosa Regale and raspberry vodka). It was very pretty with its raspberry garnish. Because Rosa Regale is sweet enough, we didn’t try it with the vanilla vodka.

mini Rosa Regale bottles


But the best part was probably sipping  from the tiny bottles of Rosa Regale while watching Estelle. Here’s a video.

What an amazing concert and night.


Rosa Regale


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