Recap: Brugal Rum at El Dorado with Lindsay Nader

Lindsay Nader

Lindsay Nader

As part of Bartenders Weekend, one of the after-parties for Speed Rack was at El Dorado bar. It was sponsored by Brugal Rum. LA bartender and new Remy Cointreau ambassador Lindsay Nader guest bartended.

Brugal Rum cocktails

Brugal Rum cocktails; Side Boob & Built for Speed


For $5 a cocktail, we probably should have tried all the cocktails but we settled for two of the three. My friend went with the Side Boob which is the greatest name ever for a drink. And I had the Built for Speed. I really like mine. It’s was like a minty, herbal daiquiri. Second Base also sounded fun.

Side Boob – Brugal dry rum, Cointreau, lemon, vanilla syrup, chocolate bitters

Built for Speed – Brugal dry rum, lemon, sugar, mint, Green Chartreuse rinse

Second Base – Brugal dry rum, Aperol, lemon, ginger syrup, lavender, bitters, soda

Brugal was also our party bus sponsor which I loved since they was a sponsor of the party bus at Tales too (ah, memories).


Brugal Rum

Bartenders Weekend

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge

1030 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101  —  (619) 237-0550 

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