Savoy Stomps Through Los Angeles

Erik Ellstad of Savoy Stomp

Erik Ellstad of Savoy Stomp

San Francisco Writer-Bartender Erik Ellestad recently traveled to Los Angeles to guest bartend at Eveleigh in West Hollywood. Erik blogs about cocktails from London’s Savoy Hotel cocktail book on his blog, Savoy Stomp. The evening was sponsored by Plymouth and Beefeater gins and so all the cocktails were gin based this evening.

The Eveleigh often has a series of guest bartender nights. Erik’s night was part of the San Francisco bartenders guest nights.

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky


The Hanky Panky is probably one of my all-time favorite cocktails. I’ve had a debate with many about the ratio of Fernet-Branca and I like it to be more Fernet heavy than most. Erik made a perfect one.

Hanky Panky – gin, Fernet-Branca, sweet vermouth

Hanky Panky on Savoy Stomp



Twin Six

I was unfamiliar with the Twin Six cocktail but I noticed it had egg white. I haven’t met an egg white drink I had liked yet so of course I tried it even if I had my doubts about the grenadine. It turns out it wasn’t that sweet and absolutely perfect for me.

Twin Six– gin, sweet vermouth, orange juice, grenadine, egg white

Twin Six on Savoy Stomp




How can one not order a drink called Sensation? And particularly since this cocktail had mint, I was bound to like it. My friend actually ordered this one and I stole more than a few sips.

Sensation – gin, maraschino, lemon, mint

Sensation on Savoy Stomp

English Rose

English Rose


Erik must have planned very carefully to curate the ingredients for the cocktails this evening. Grenadine comes in handy again for the English Rose cocktail. He said this was his favorite cocktail of the list he was serving. And I can see why. Fresh, floral, not sweet and a nice little sipper for the back patio of the Eveleigh.

English Rose -gin, apricot eau di vie, dry vermouth, grenadine, lemon

English Rose on Savoy Stomp

fish sandwich from The Eveleigh

fish sandwich from The Eveleigh


Here’s a bonus shot. When Eveleigh does guest bartender nights, they have a “family meal” special. This night was the fish sandwich for $8, an easier price to swallow than their pricey but delicious burger.

This was the first time I went to one of the guest bartender nights and can’t wait for the next series.

Savoy Stomp


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