Art in the Age Brand Ambassador Rachel Furman at Cole’s Tonight

Art in the Age line

Art in the Age line

Tonight Brand Ambassador Rachel Furman for Art in the Age liqueurs will be guest bartending at Cole’s in Downtown Los Angeles.

There are four Art in the Age liqueurs including Root, Snap, Rhubarb (originally Rhuby) and Sage. Root tastes just like root beer. Snap is ginger and Sage and Rhubarb are self-explanatory. My favorites are Sage and Root.

Festivities start at 7 p.m.

Greenbar Distillery

Greenbar Collective

Recently I visited LA’s first and only distillery since Prohibition, Greenbar Collective. The distillery originally opened in Monrovia a few years ago and moved downtown recently. It’s at this distillery that Art in the Age is distilled. Art in the Age is part of the William Grant and Sons’ portfolio.

Greenbar also produces its own line of organic spirits which include Tru Vodka, Tru Gin, Ixa Tequila, Crusoe Rum, Fruitlab liqueurs and Bar Keep Bitters. It was fascinating to compare the decades old still which they still use to their newer, computer-controlled one. The older still is just so cute and is the basis of their logo.

Bend and SNAP by Chris Amirault

Bend and SNAP by Chris Amirault

Rachel gathered some of LA’s brightest bartenders to come up with some interesting cocktails this evening. Chris Amirault from Eveleigh presented us with the Bend and SNAP (Snap, Ixa tequila, Lillet Rouge, lemon, simple syrup). This was the ideal drink to sip on while walking around the distillery. It was refreshing and I loved the hint of spiciness.

Ragdoll by Brittini Rae Peterson

Rag Doll by Brittini Rae Peterson

The Eveleigh’s sister restaurant Goldie’s bar manager Brittini Rae Peterson served up the most beautiful drink of the night. The Rag Doll (Root, Tru vodka, vanilla syrup, lemon, cream, orange blossom flower water, soda) was decorated with real gold flakes.

Shandy by Karen Grill

Downtown Shandy by Karen Grill

What I love about the liqueurs are they add flavor and are generally low proof. If you like fizzy drinks, beer cocktails are coming in style. And a shandy is a classic. Add some liqueurs or amari and you are in business. Bestia’s Karen Grill takes that idea and runs with it with her Downtown Shandy (Sage, Creme de Peche, lemon, honey syrup, El Segundo Citra Pale Ale). It also smelled great garnished with fresh sage leaves.

Dunes to Dawn by Ryan

Dunes ’til Dawn by Ryan Qualls

Over in Glendale, Ryan Qualls mans the bar at Neat. His cocktail, Dunes ’till Dawn (Rhubarb, grapefruit, lime, simple syrup, soda, Angostura bitters), could probably have you up to dawn dancing. It’s another beautiful long drink meant for patio days.

Rachel’s been dropping hits lately about her drinks. I have a feeling they’ll be savory. Think cheese garnish and BBQ!

Art in the Age

Cole’s Red Car Bar

118 East 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014-2006 – (213) 622-4090

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