Checking Out Absolut Elyx

vodka tasting with Absolut Elyx

vodka tasting with Absolut Elyx

Tasting Table recently had an Absolut Elyx tasting at Hakkasan. Brand ambassador Lindsay Nader led us through a tasting and I had just assumed it would all be Absolut vodkas. It turned out we tasted Grey Goose and Ciroc against the Absolut Elyx. While I was tasting Grey Goose I did think it tasted very different from the standard Absolut vodka. It tasted very watery. And then when I tasted Ciroc, I had thought it was Absolut Citron because it was so lemony. It turned out to be the grape-based Ciroc. We discussed how the two seemed to have changed recipes through the years. I don’t remember Ciroc ever tasting of so much citrus.

Absolut Elyx was naturally our favorite of the evening.



We also got to try a couple of cocktails with Elyx. It makes an excellent Vesper. If you’re going to James Bond style, go with a Vesper. Stirred, not shaken of course. Because there’s something you know better than him.

After Hours

After Hours

Instead of your usual after-dinner coffee, try this caffeinated cocktail. I have always loved coffee with Cynar and this is a great follow-up to all that dim sum at Hakkasan.

After Hours– Absolut Elyx, Cynar, cold espresso, simple syrup


Absolut Elyx

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