Submit a Sangrita Recipe & Win a Trip to Tales!

Viva Sangrita! Viva Tequila Ocho!


Listen up LA Bartenders! You have until April 7 (12 AM PST) to submit a sangrita recipe to Tequila Ocho. The regional winner will compete against the other finalists from San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Miami at Tales of the Cocktail this July. The Viva Sangrita National Champion will be escorted south to the highlands of Jalisco to tour the Tequila Ocho facilities with the Bon Vivants.

“Sangrita is the traditional Jaliscan accompaniment to a fine Tequila. In it’s most traditional form it is tomato juice, orange juice, lime juice, and a spicy element, either hot sauce or fresh or dried chilis. We believe Sangrita is much more than that. Sangrita is a seamless blending of tart, sweet, spicy, and savory. When made with love, imagination, and paired with the right tequila, it becomes a ritual, and is a transcendent drink experience. We believe this pairing is the best way to enjoy Tequila Ocho. We task you with this: Craft your finest, original, thought and palate provoking Sangrita to pair with one of the 3 Tequila Ocho expressions currently available in your market. You are not restricted to the traditional recipes for Sangrita. Rather, we encourage you to think outside the box. Be innovative, while using the parameter of the collective, tart, sweet, spicy, and savory as your only guideline.”


Check out their site for more details and submit!

The LA regional competition date and venue TBA. Watch this space or follow the Minty on twitter for updates.



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