St. George Spirits: Terroir Gin and Breaking & Entering Bourbon

St. George Spirits - Terroir Gin

I invited a friend to one of my favorite bars, Bar | Kitchen at the O Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles a week or so back. Coincidentally,  Dave  from St. George Spirits was also dining at the bar. At this point, I cannot actually tell you if I’ve had any of the St. George Spirits other than the absinthe. Perhaps I have had a drink made with the other spirits but I really didn’t remember. I tasted the Terroir gin and knew instantly I had never had it before. I would remember the rich complexity of this gin.

I’m so curious now about the other two gins St. George has. I have heard all three are wonderful. And then there’s also the fourth, Faultine Gin, they exclusively sell at K&L.

After I looked up St. George, I realized I’ve most certainly had some of the other St. George products including Hangar One vodkas and the new Firelit Liqueur which is a coffee flavored liqueur. Although I don’t drink vodka much, I respected Hangar One for its natural tasting flavored vodkas. At one point in my early drinking career, I used to drink Cape Cods with their Mandarin vodka.

Breaking & Entering Bourbon

Bourbon Bitter French

Daniel, B|K’s bar manager asked me what I wanted. I enjoy looking at the weekly list of classic cocktails they posted. The Bitter French immediately caught my eye. Made with gin, I wondered how it’d be with the Terroir but Daniel surprised me and made it with Breaking and Entering Bourbon. Bourbon is one of my favorite spirits and I really enjoyed this cocktail with bourbon, grapefruit juice, sparkling wine. Here’s a good recipe. 

I’ll have to keep a better eye on St. George Spirits!


St. George Spirits

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