The Sporting Life with St. George Spirits

Single Malt Whiskey

What I love about going to Sporting Life meetings is getting to try new (to me) spirits. St. George Spirits sponsored the May. As I previously noted, I was familiar with the St. George absinthe but can’t recall tasting their spirits individually. After tasting and loving the St. George Terroir gin, I was eager to try the others.

At the meeting, I got to try the Single Malt Whiskey which I thought tasted a bit chocolately. It was explained to me that “Evil Genius” (founder and distiller) Lance Winters was a beer brewer before he became a spirits distiller. Ah, that explains the botanicals and quite the nose on many of his spirits.

dry rye gin


I tasted the Dry Rye Gin and then sipped the Dry Fashioned (St. George Dry Rye gin, grapefruit and lemon peel). It was really perfect.

Singapore Sling

And what about the Bontanivore Gin? I couldn’t leave St. George’s third gin out. I had it with the Singapore Sling (St. George Bontanivore gin, Benedictine, Cherry Herring, lemon, pineapple). It was a sunny day and the perfect libation on the patio.

I really must make it up to the Bay Area soon to visit the distillery.

St. George Spirits

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