Godiva Chocolate-Infused Vodkas

Godiva Vodka


A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to check out the chocolate infused vodkas from Godiva. I had known about their liqueurs but didn’t realize they’ve been produced a chocolate and chocolate raspberry infused vodka as well. The event featured Miss Speed Rack LA, Kylee Van Dillen‘s cocktails.

Parisian Breakfast


The first charming cocktail I tried was the Parisian Breakfast (Godiva Chocolate Raspberry vodka, Lillet Blanc, lemon, simple syrup, egg white). Kylee explained this was a light cocktail. It was quite magical and evoked a longing for a city I’ve never been to- Paris. I could see myself at a little French bar nibbling on a piece of chocolate (Godiva, of course) and sipping this. I had this whole afternoon fantasy mapped out but then remembered it was supposed to be breakfast. Ah, the French- so chic.



Kylee then showed me her Heartbreaker (Godiva Chocolate vodka, lemon, fresh red jalepeno pepper, rimmed spicy sugar). At first she experimented with infusing the chile pepper for more than a few days but found it would be too spicy. If you would like to do this on your own, infuse the pepper for no more than a day. And that spicy sugar left a pleasant tingle as well.

mini milkshake


Miniature milkshakes were floating around the party. I loved the fun polka-dotted straws. The shot glass worth was the perfect serving of this delicious boozy milkshake.

Smoke Signal


For a dinner party, I could imagine wowing guests with the Smoke Signal (Godiva Chocolate vodka, Godiva Caramel liqueur, Oban 14-Year-Old Whisky, cinnamon graham crackers, marshmallow, coarse sea salt). When guest ordered these, a marshmallow was toasted as the garnish. This drink could lean on the sweeter side but the Japanese whisky brings in a smokey kick.

Catch Kylee at the Speed Rack Finals on May 10th in New York. Get your tickets and I’m rooting for her to bring the championship home to LA!


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