Recap of Ivy Mix Guest Bartending at Spare Room + More Tiki Nights

Ivy Mix

Recently Ivy Mix was in town guest bartending at Spare Room. The theme? Tiki. Yeah, of course I’d go since I love all things tiki, Spare Room and the ladies behind Speed Rack. I missed the first tiki night with local bartenders Julian Cox and Zach Patterson but made sure I attended Ivy’s night as she was in town from New York.

Atlantico Rum

The evening was sponsored by Atlantico Rum and it was hard to not immediately go for the drink served in a pineapple. Beverage Director Naomi Schimek cautioned us to save it for later.

Guilty Status

First up was the Guilty Status (Atlantico plata, Aperol, Gran Classico, lime). It was light and a nice way to ease into the night. Their was an immense energy in the air. Random dudes were talking to us about the gender assignments of the umbrellas- I got pink, he got blue. Well, he’s lucky to have an umbrella? Ah, the island spirit.

please light my pineapple on fire

We couldn’t really wait anymore for our pineapple so we ordered the Zombiance (Atlantico reserva, pineapple infused Lemonhard 151, dry olorosso sherry, Donn’s mix, pineapple, lime, falernum, Angostura bitters, absinthe). I was telling Naomi about Bahooka, a Polynesian restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley and how they will light any drink on fire for you by lighting croutons. As it turns out, that’s exactly how they did it at Spare Room as well. Though the crouton was hidden in juiced lime shells.

I really enjoyed the Zombiance which was much better than any Zombie I may have had when I was a wee bit younger. Okay, a whole lot younger.  And the hollowed out bamboo straws were so classy. Actually, the decor is super classy with carved pineapples reminding me of Jack-o-lanterns from Halloween.

Ay Mami

Was I double fisting with the Ay Mami. Maybe.

Ay Mami – Atlantico reserva, Mezcal Vida, lime, orgeat, curacao.

How can anyone have three favorites in the night? Well, I might have liked the entire menu but we didn’t try the remaining three drinks.

Check out Spare Room this Wednesday, July 18 for Jason Schiffer and Marcos Tello guest bartending Tiki Night at Spare Room. Richie Boccato from New York will guest bartend on August 15 and Rocky Yeh from Seattle is scheduled for September 12.
The Spare Room
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Mezzanine Level)
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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