Some Days We Need a Dive Bar- Back Door Pub in DTLA

Back Door Pub

Some days you just want to go to a bar where it’s not about cocktails. I’ve been thinking about doing another dive bar crawl in Downtown Los Angeles and was checking out the Back Door Pub at the Milner Hotel. I’ve wondered about this place for ages as it’s next door to my beloved Bar | Kitchen at the O Hotel. 

There have been many nights where I go from my office at Drago Centro to BK to Cana and sometimes Rivera. I would make this an official event but that’s generally my Tuesday nights.

We arrived through the front door though every one joked you should get in from the back. The lights were too bright and it felt like we were crashing someone’s party. Or perhaps we needed to camp out two hours ahead and got to know the locals. I eyed the popcorn machine but since I was still full from dinner, I just headed to the bar.

We had a good laugh about the bottle nipples and ordered some shots- Jameson for me, Maker’s Mark for her. We sipped, we looked, we got stared at, we offered our bar stools to a couple of hipsters buying PBR and popped over to my locals- yep, BK and Cana. I’ll have to save Rivera for another night.

Would I go back again? Yeah, my Jameson was $7 and it was quite the adventure. Plus, I want some popcorn.
Stay tuned for the next DTLA Dive Bar Crawl featuring Back Door and Hank’s soon!


Back Door Pub at the Milner Hotel

813 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 — (213) 627-6981

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