Cocktails with Purity Vodka

getting ready to make cocktails with Purity Vodka


Several weeks ago I received a bottle of Purity Vodka.   I decided to play with the vodka with some goodies I got at Tales of the Cocktail.

I gathered up some fresh mint, grapes, Angostura Bitters, tart apple shrub from Shrub & Co, cherries from Filthy Food, organic minced ginger from The Ginger People and ginger beer. Although I didn’t have a particular cocktail in mind, I make cocktails a bit like how I cook. I experimented with flavors until I found something I like.

getting ready to muddle


First added a barspoon of the organic minced ginger from The Ginger People along with 10 or so fresh mint leaves into a shaker. I also put in about 6 halved and seeded red grapes. I muddled everything before adding 2 oz of the Purity vodka and .75 oz of the tart apple shrub from Shrub & Co. After shaking until my tin was frosted, I poured everything into a glass and added my favorite AZ Bitters Lab Orange Sunshine bitters. The garnish was perhaps a bit excessive with 2 full sprigs of mint but I am the Minty after all.

The Grape Escape


I call this cocktail the Grape Escape. I was very pleased with the lightness of the drink. The grapes were ripe enough so I didn’t need any simple syrup. I also liked the bit of spicy ginger kick and the shrub was the perfect amount of acidity.

Moscow Mule time


For my  next drink, I decided to go with the classic Moscow Mule but with a twist.

Moscow Mule variation – with Angostura and Filthy cherries


After adding 2 oz of Purity vodka to the glass with ice, I topped it with ginger beer. Then I added two barspoons of the liquid from the Filthy Food cherries and enough Angostura to make me happy (about 6 dashes). Give it a quick stir and add the cherries for a garnish. I used a clear glass to show the drink but I would drink these out of my metal cups next time. My only change is to actually add lime juice and maybe a teensy bit of simple syrup. The ginger beer I use is on the drier side so it’s not very sweet.

Purity Vodka

Shrub & Co

Filthy Food

The Ginger People

Angostura Bitters

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