SF: A Bar Crawl from Blackbird to Zeitgeist

Blackbird – My Lucky Penny

The last time I was at Blackbird, I was fascinated by Shawn, the fasted bartender I ever saw. He’s still there and as quick as ever.  We stopped in for a drink one night I was in SF last month. I normally try to avoid cash-only places but cash-only spots are great because you usually won’t overindulge. I did wish I wasn’t full or else I would have gotten a tamale from the tamale lady who came in!

Blackbird – Root of All Evil


My friend got My Lucky Penny (chamomile-infused single barrel whiskey, Rosato vermouth, honey, Castillian bitters) while I enjoyed the Root of All Evil (Scotch, Root liqueur, cinnamon syrup, orange). I was pretty delighted it came with crushed ice. I normally am an up cocktail girl but there were a lot of hot guys cruising around so whew, needed a cool one. Some might argue Blackbird isn’t really a gay bar but it is in San Francisco, in Castro and well, there’s definitely a scene there. I might have to do a Gays & Dolls bar crawl with Blackbird and Churchill the next time I’m in SF!


2124 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94114 — (415) 503-0630

Russell Davis at Rio Grande

I loved my time at Rio Grande in July so I made it a point to stop by after a drink at Rickhouse.

And if you haven’t seen a fire show by Russell Davis, here’s a cool vid I shot. 

Later, Russell would make me one of his favorite drinks, Paper Plane by Sam Ross, a Little Branch (NY) drink. It was the perfect little drink after a beer and a shot (or shots).

The Bon Vivants

Rio Grande

1108 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103


We had a little time to kill before heading down to Los Gatos to dinner at Manresa so we stopped in at Zeitgeist.

Described as a beer garden to me, I thought nothing of the rockers, older couples, hipsters and other assorted characters assembled on loose gravel paved patio. After getting a beer from one of their zillions of taps or a drink, find yourself squeezed in to listen to people talk about their college reunions though I think I rather have sat with the bikers.

Red Snapper at Zeitgeist


Day drinking at its finest: Red Snapper on the patio. A Red Snapper is a Bloody Mary with gin instead of vodka.

Dickle mural


I couldn’t help it. I had to take a pic of this weird mural! Doesn’t he look like Robert Downey, Jr.?

Zeitgeist pink elephants


We only had one but if we had more, maybe there would have been even more pink elephants.


199 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94103 — (415) 255-7505
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