Hollywood: Bitter Float & Barrel Aged Cocktail at Sadie

Bitter Float with Fernet shots


I only occasionally indulge in sweets and when it comes to desserts, I rather skip to have a cocktail. But my problem is solved when you combine the two. Although I’ve been horrified by boozy milkshakes (mainly because I don’t like whipped cream), I can’t help but love the Bitter Float at Sadie. I’ve now had it with Campari and Aperol. But my latest favorite is the Bitter Float with Fernet mint ice cream and Mexican Coke. And it’s even better with a couple shots of Fernet Branca.

But like desserts, be forewarned, this can be something like 700-800 calories. I say dessert or particularly boozy desserts don’t count. Drink up. And do some jumping jacks in the morning or something.

Sadie’s Barrel-aged cocktail (vodka, sugar, Angostura bitters)


Don’t be fooled by Beverage Director Giovanni Martinez’s pretty-boy looks and easy-going nature. He’s on top of the cocktail game and not only has he created that fantastic Bitter Float but he does have a barrel-aged cocktail. It’s not on the menu. Just ask for it. It’s probably the oldest definition of a cocktail- a spirit, sugar, bitters. In this case, it’s vodka. And it is delicious. He’s managed to turn the Absolut 100 into a drink appropriate for a whiskey drinker.

Sadie Kitchen & Lounge

1638 N Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028 — (323) 467-0200

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