International Women’s Day Celebration at Cole’s Tomorrow, March 8

Hollis Bulleit & Jaymee Mandeville

Hollis Bulleit & Jaymee Mandeville

Tomorrow, Cole’s in Downtown Los Angeles is hosting a Mad Tea Party for International Women’s Day from 1PM to 7 PM.

Hollis Bulleit (Bulleit Bourbon) and Kat Wit (Dominick’s) will host the party as part of LUPEC LA (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails). There will be food and drink specials from Cole’s as well as guest bartenders Jaymee Mandeville (formerly Drago Centro and now with Barcadi) and Karen Grill (formerly Playa and now with Bestia) mixing it up.

Ladies are encouraged to wear hats, tea dresses and gloves for the Mad Tea Party theme.

Cole’s will be introducing the new Happy Hour sliders and tots.

Drink specials mentioned:

  • Brent Falco: Pommeau du Normadie & Selection Calvados Cobblers & Bulliet Bourbon Seelbachs
  • Zahra Bates:  Jello Cocktail shots
  • Cari Hah: Nova Fogo Old Fashion & Hot Tea Cocktail
  • Jaymee Mandeville: Dewars 12 cocktails
  • Karen Grill: Hendricks punch

Plus Ms. Hollis mentioned Bulleit Rye Champagne Punch and possibly Friday Bloody Marys and beer from Lost Coast Brewery (an all-female brewery).

Mad Tea Party for International Women’s Day Celebration

1-7 PM, March 8, 2013

Cole’s Red Car Bar

118 East 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014-2006 – (213) 622-4090

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