Novo Fogo’s Bars on Fire This Thursday at Big Bar + Cana Recap

Lil' Twisted's Jaymee Mandeville and Cari Hah

Lil’ Twisted’s Jaymee Mandeville and Cari Hah


Recently, Novo Fogo‘s Bars on Fire landed at Cana with Lil’ Twisted’s Jaymee Mandeville and Cari Hah. And this Thursday, February 28th Matthew Biancaniello takes up the gauntlet at Big Bar.

I’m not sure what Matt has up his sleeve but the ladies of Lil’ Twisted served up some awesome Novo Fogo cocktails including the following:

Powder Puff

Powder Puff


Jaymee made a drink called Powder Puff. Before you think it’s going to be syrupy sweet because of its innocent name, take a look at the ingredients; Novo Fogo silver cachaca, blanco vermouth, blood orange juice, Prosecco, Campari foam. It was my favorite drink of the evening and reminded me a little of Tears of a Clown, a Campari drink currently on the menu at Cana.




The ladies may be best known for their agave love but they did a strong job with their cachaca drinks this evening. Cari came up with Cachata with Novo Fogo barrel-aged cachaca, housemade horchata and cinnamon. I have heard of adding a bit of rum to horchata but I liked it better with cachaca. This was one of those drinks that can sneak up on you since it goes down so smoothly.

Burn it Up

Burn it Up

I wanted to try all the drinks but had to skip out. I did end with Jaymee’s Burn it Up (Novo Fogo barrel-aged cachaca, Drambuie, Angostura bitters, Fee Brothers barrel-aged bitters). This was most like my usual brown, bitter, stirred drink so thumbs up!

The drink I didn’t get to try but smelled lovely was Cari’s Chrysanthemum Dreams (Novo Fogo silver cachaca, turbinado syrup, lemon juice, chrysanthemum tea, candied ginger). It was great fun to watch the dried chrysanthemum flowers “bloom” as the tea steeped.

Cana Rum Bar

714 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015 – (213) 745-7090


Check out Novo Fogo’s Bars on Fire at Big Bar on Thursday, February 28 (7-10 PM) with Matt! I wonder if he’ll be wearing a soccer jersey?

Big Bar at Alcove

1927 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 — (323) 644-0100

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