Trying Caliche Rum Cocktails by Michel Dozois

Hot Bartender Michel Dozois

Hot Bartender Michel Dozois for Caliche Rum

I was first introduced to Caliche Rum about a year ago at their launch party.

I haven’t really seen it much on menus so I was glad to try a few cocktails made by Neve Ice’s Michel Dozois at Cana Rum Bar recently. There were also snacks from Rivera.

I had been asked if I preferred savory or sweet cocktails but Michel knows what I like. I still recall his hoisin sauce gin cocktail with fondness. We tried to talk him into recreating the drink with Caliche but he doesn’t like to repeat himself. One day I’ll get the specs though.


Caliche – with Cynar, Michel’s Curacao, Tequila, Aperol


I’d describe this cocktail made with Caliche, Cynar, Tequila, Aperol and Michel’s homemade curacao as boozey. I was glad for that chunk of Neve ice in there! Everything was exquisitely balanced and every sip revealed a hint of spice.

A stirred Caliche Cocktail

A stirred Caliche Cocktail

Next, I got the only up cocktail of the night. Naturally, Michel would want to feature his wonderful line of ice in addition to Caliche but for me, he gave me boozey drink with Caliche, Maraschino and Torani Amer.

Both cocktails though rum based could have been very well been whiskey based. I was delighted how well Caliche played with others. Who says rum always has to be tropical? Sure, Caliche makes a good mojito but it can stand up to the bold amari and other modifiers.


Caliche Rum

Cana Rum Bar

714 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015 – (213) 745-7090

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