The Glenlivet in Santa Monica Tasting Recap

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet

Recently Glenlivet’s Nights of Passage rolled through Santa Monica. I had attended last year and quite enjoyed my experience but admittedly, I got there a wee bit late so I missed some of the presentation. I was glad to get more of an education this time — my fave nugget of info was learning how invariably with popularity, others tried to imitate Glenlivet to the point where they had to trademark it the name The Glenlivet so others couldn’t use the name.


learning about Glenlivet

learning about Glenlivet

It’s always very interesting to be in a mixed crowd for tastings. I think I almost enjoy these general tastings more because more is explained and no one assumes you know anything about the brand.

We were also treated to food from Superba Snack Bar. I think it’s very necessary to have food at tastings. There should be at least bread or crackers. On this night, there were crostini and lots of tender short ribs.

Glenlivet Scotch tasting

Glenlivet Scotch tasting

I definitely encourage those to join the Glenlivet Guardians to find out when the tastings are. It was nice to taste the 12, 15 and 18 expressions again. This time, I firmly was stuck on the 15 but I found the 12 to be a very nice, every day sippin’ whisky. I certainly can’t fault it on anything. The 18 would be nice after dinner.

We also got chocolate at the end for a special expression. I have to say the spicy chocolate worked really well with the whisky.


The Glenlivet

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