Culver City: Indian Summer Cocktails at Corner Door



Corner Door‘s head bartender Beau du Bois is running an Indian Summer cocktails list along with his regular cocktail list before launching the Fall cocktails in the next couple of weeks. Head over there now to catch the #selfie cocktail. Possibly it’s the first hashtag cocktail name? It’s definitely more fun when you take a selfie with the #selfie. It’s like a Moscow Mule made love to a Cosmo. It’s definitely a “guilty pleasure drink” as Beau would say.


#selfie – vodka, cranberry liqueur, nutmeg, lime, ginger beer


Stoplight Ticket


We all hate getting traffic tickets but this cocktail might make it all right. Made with Beau’s golden raspberry cordial– better hurry, golden raspberries are disappearing from the farmers’ markets– this will soothe any nasty tickets you may have gotten recently. Plus, you can’t go wrong with gin and Green Chartreuse.

Stoplight Ticket – gin, Green Chartreuse, golden raspberry cordial, lime, mint

Personal Day

Personal Day

Quite a few of Beau’s drinks make me long for island vacations or at least a personal day. With the aptly named Personal Day, you might need to call out for a mental health day if you have one too many. While I occasionally chase overproof spirits, you want something easy to sip with your meal. The rum in this drink isn’t in your face and I thought this was perfect with the fried chicken and grilled cheese along with the cocktails.

Personal Day– black rum, Jamaican rum, mole bitters, tamarind syrup, pineapple, lime

The Hoodlum

The Hoodlum


In the next few weeks, Corner Door will launch their Fall cocktails list. Included is The Hoodlum. I had a sneak peek and it’s fabulous. Beau’s pumpkin liqueur is made from pumpkin beer. It was fascinating to learn the lengths he went through to get it just right. He did try using fresh pumpkin but found it to be inconsistent. The pumpkin beer is reduced down with all-spice and ginger and then fortified with rye whiskey. The result is the cocktail is strong but doesn’t lose the subtle pumpkin flavor. The peated tincture is used like bitters to add another layer of complexity to the overall drink. I can’t wait to see what else Beau comes up with for Fall list.


The Hoodlum – VSOP Armagnac, house-made pumpkin liqueur, peated tincture

The Corner Door

12477 W Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 — (310) 313-5810
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