Hollywood: New Cocktails at Littlefork

In the Pines

In the Pines

Littlefork in Hollywood just launched its new cocktails list. I stopped in for my favorite mushroom salad and clam chowder and tried a couple of drinks. I loved In the Pines. I have a soft place in my heart for Zirbenz which tends to be a really assertive pine tree flavor. Littlefork’s Dino Balocchi tamed the liqueur with pisco and the drink worked out really well. I’m glad he pointed it out because despite my love of Zirbenz, I don’t generally go for drinks with rosemary or Champagne first.

In the Pines – pisco, Zirbenz Stone Pine liqueur, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary-mint syrup, Champagne

Kit & Kaboodle

Kit & Kaboodle


In fact I started out with Kit and Kaboodle, a nod to Boodles gin, one of my favorite gins. I’ve watched Dino’s drink menus evolve from whiskey forward towards garden to glass. He’s from Chicago where he worked at one of my favorite Chicago whiskey bars, Longman and Eagle. California sunshine and fresh produce must be the influence behind this cool drink with beets and arugula.

Kit & Kaboodle – red beet- infused Boodles gin, pistachio orgeat, lime, arugula, black pepper tincture

The next time I swing by, I’d like to try Vergers La France (Calvados, cinnamon-medjool date syrup, lemon, Jerry Thomas bitters, star anise), The Incandenza (bourbon, Fernet Menta, Punt e Mes, lime, Old Time bitters, soda) and Cool Runnings (agricole blanc rum, Jamaican rum, vanilla bean, lime, fig bitters, absinthe mist).

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