Flashback: LUPEC Tiki Nights at La Descarga

The ladies of Cole's taking over La Descarga for LUPEC tiki nights

LUPEC ladies took over La Descarga on tiki nights in October


In October, LUPEC LA (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) bartenders took over La Descarga every Tuesday during tiki night. Monies raised went to the Downtown Women’s Center. LUPEC LA and La Descarga donoated $2300 from the Tiki Takeover series.

sponsored by

sponsored by Montanya Rum & Bulleit

I attended the night sponsored by Montanya Rum, a woman-owned rum company. Bulleit was also a sponsor, the bourbon and rye whiskey company of our LUPEC LA president Hollis Bulleit.

Tangled Up in Blue

Tangled Up in Blue


This blended cocktail from Brent Falco was then lit on fire. I would love it if blue cocktails made a come back. Of course, this one is tailored to our modern taste and isn’t too sweet. Plus it uses fresh juice making this a true neo-tiki cocktail.

Tangled Up in Blue – Montanya plantino, blue curacao, toasted coconut spice syrup, pineapple lime syrup, coconut thyme


A Darker Downfall

This drink from Zahra Bates was so tasty. It was also garnished with the biggest sage leaf I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it made all other sage leaves look so wimpy in comparison. Others were getting jealous of my big ol’ sage leaf. And the drink? Possibly my favorite of the night. Usually I ask Zahra for whiskey drinks so this was a nice change to go to rum.

A Darker Downfall – Montanya oro dark rum, apricot honey, apricot liqueur, lime, pineapple, pineapple sage foam


The King’s Nutz

Cari went all out with a peanut-infused whiskey drink. It’s hard to tell but she dusted the top with LA in cocoa powder. Although the ingredients sound sweet, the cocktail itself wasn’t too sweet. Though I would probably like this again as my “dessert” cocktail.

The King’s Nutz – peanut-infused Bulleit bourbon, Bulleit rye, creme de cacao, allspice dram, creme de banana infused cream, toasted marshmallow, cocoa powder


Balls Out

Balls Out was the bartender’s choice that evening.  Zahra made me a lovely sipper with Bulleit, hibiscus and ginger soda. The fun part where these Angostura balls she made that floated around the drink. Balls out, get it?

Balls Out -Bulleit whiskey, hibiscus, Angostura balls, ginger soda


La Descarga


1159 North Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029-1050  –  (323) 466-0181




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