Upcoming Cocktail Weeks To the End of the Year

Portland Cocktail Week

Portland Cocktail Week


Here’s the round up of the last few cocktail weeks of the year. And my favorite Portland Cocktail Week is almost here! Check out a couple of the public events:

  • The Bacardi Bar Challenge (Thursday, 10/23: 6-8PM) at the Left Bank Annex): Four teams of 10 bartenders will compete to build the ultimate bar all in one day. From pricing out pour costs and developing a marketing plan to designing cocktail lists and backbars, the team will use the resources at their disposal to bring their dream bar concept to life, earning additional funding throughout the challenge based on pitches they can make to investors.


  • USBG Showcase (Thursday, 10/23: 8-11PM at the Jupiter Hotel): One member from each of the 50+ participating USBG chapters will represent their region with a signature cocktail. Not only will the cocktails be inspired by the individual USBG chapter they’re representing, but each bar will be designed to evoke the ambiance of the region it represents, offering guests unique tastes from all over the country.





See the rest of the calendar here. And 2015 events are being updated now. If you have dates or new cocktail weeks to add, please let me know.

The Cocktail Weeks Calendar is updated on a regular basis as more information and dates become available.

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