Check Out Hollywood’s Grandpa Johnson’s Bar Mashup and Collectif 1806 at Portland Cocktail Week!

Grandpa Johnson's

Grandpa Johnson’s


Hollywood’s Grandpa Johnson’s and San Francisco’s Trick Dog will be taking over the Spirit of ’77 this Sunday night. For those attending the upcoming Portland Cocktail Week, this is one of the many bar mashups for the night. Be sure to check out the rest.

I had a chance to preview a couple of drinks for Sunday. Grandpa Johnson’s will be bringing back the 80s in a big way. Think Long Island Iced Teas and Mind Erasers- but with a craft cocktail twist, of course.

fancy Long Island Iced Tea

fancy Long Island Iced Tea from Grandpa Johnson’s


The Long Island Iced Tea features Grandpa Johnson’s Darjeeling syrup and what gives it that brown tea color? Certainly not Coca Cola! It’s Ramazzotti!

Minderaser from Grandpa Johnson's

Minderaser from Grandpa Johnson’s

Remember Mind Erasers? Yeah, drink it all in one go. But unlike the ones from decades past, you should remember most of your night… well, hopefully.

Absolut Mashup with Trick Dog and Grandpa Johnsons taking over at Spirit of 77

  • Sunday, October 19
  • 10pm-1am
  • Spirit of 77
  • 500 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 
Alfred Cointreau

Alfred Cointreau & Collectif 1806’s Kyle Ford


Collectif 1806 is one of the sponsors of this year’s Portland Cocktail Week. Besides sponsoring core classes for bartenders, they will be hosting Library Hours next Wednesday, October 22. Go and check out their collection of classic cocktail books. Meet Alfred Cointreau from Cointreau (yes, that Cointreau family) and Adam Hannett from Bruichladdich.

new releases from Cointreau

new releases from Cointreau – Guignolet (cherry)  and Camomille (chamomile) 


I recently had a chance to sample Cointreau’s new releases; Guignolet and Camomille. Alfred Cointreau explained Cointreau had many, many products including these that they have now brought back. They hope to bring more to the  market soon.

SPF 120 - a Bruilladich tiki drink

SPF 120 – a Bruichladdich tiki drink


And Scotch in a neo-tiki drink? Learn how this whisky can be sipped neat… or in a new-fangled cocktail.


Collectif 1806 Library Hours

  • Wednesday, October 22
  • 10am-4:30pm
  • Ambridge Center
  • 1333 NE MLK Blvd., Portland, OR

** photos of Cointreau and Bruichladdich drinks from recent events in Los Angeles


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