First Taste: Atlantico Rum

Air Mail


Last month, the Sporting Life meeting was at Sunny Spot. It was sponsored by Atlantico Rum which I hadn’t tried before. I got to taste the private cask rum as well as a punch and a couple of cocktails. I would have liked to have tasted all the cocktails offered that day but I had to run off to judge the Don Q LA regional.

First I tried the rum Preakness (Atlantico Reserva, bitters, vermouth, Benedictine). The Preakness is one of my favorite bourbon cocktails so it was interesting to try it with rum.

Next, I asked for the Air Mail (Atlantico Reserva, honey, lime, absinthe, champagne). Some bartenders wondered about this classic champagne cocktail that was served on the rocks but I actually liked it this way. The star anise garnish was pretty.

Other cocktails that day:

Jaspers Punch– Atlantico Platano, demerera, nutmeg, lime, Angostura bitters

Buck – Atlantico Reserva, house-brewed ginger beer

Swizzle– Atlantico Platano, Averna, lime, falernum

I wish I had tried this one as I really love swizzles and I believe Sunny Spot made their own falernum. The cask strength Atlantico was probably the favorite of the day. It’s very smooth and would be the perfect after-dinner drink to sip.

I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if these cocktails make it to Sunny Spot’s permanent list or I suppose I can always ask for something with Atlantico and falernum!


Atlantico Rum

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