A Fernet Comparison

Tempus Fugit's Fernet Angelico

Tempus Fugit’s Fernet Angelico

When people talk about Fernet, most are referring to Fernet-Branca. However, there are more brands that are available. And I do get a bit excited every time I see a new Fernet. I’ve seen some pictures of ones produced in South America like Fernet Veneto that I wouldn’t mind trying.

Recently I came across the new Tempus Fugit version called Fernet Angelico. Of all the other Fernets I’ve tried, this seems the closest to Fernet-Branca. It’s very complex and quite minty. I enjoyed this version quite a bit.

I’ve seen it at Goldie’s and the recently closed The Parish. I suspect more Los Angeles bars will start carrying it soon.

Fernet - Vallet

Fernet – Vallet

Around town, you hear people talking about the “Mexican Fernet” which is Fernet-Vallet. Although it has the Fernet moniker, it reminds me of other amari. It’s much sweeter than Branca and doesn’t have much of that herbal bite.

It is really great in cocktails and I particularly like it in the Midnight Call at Bar Ama.

Leopold Bros

Leopold Bros’ Fernet Leopold – photo by Niko Novick/ N2Mixology

Leopold Bros in Colorado makes a Fernet called Fernet Leopold. To me, it’s very minty but in a mouthwash sort of way. It’s heavily mentholated to the point of distraction. I don’t get much else from it. I have had it in a cocktail and I much prefer it that way. Rivera has a cocktail called Anna y Los Lobos that features the Fernet Leopold.

way back when

way back when – R. Jelinek & Luxardo Fernet plus Fernet Branca & Branca Menta

And the OG Fernets

When other Fernets came on the market, the Czech R. Jelinek was very popular with the local bartenders as its price point was lower than Branca. However, I always found it a bit too sweet for me. I liked the Luxardo Fernet but it is tad thin for the mouth feel. It feels like Goldilocks and the Three Bears at times when looking for something just right. But then I’m reminded of the fact maybe the “perfect” Fernet is the one I’ve been comparing everything to- Branca.

R. Jelinek

Luxardo Fernet

Fernet Branca

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