Introducing Apothic DARK Wine

Apothic Wines

Apothic Wines

The evening started with Apothic Wine on the shuttle. We were on our way to Pacific Park in Santa Monica. The shuttle was playing a rather dark movie about kids lost at a carnival. It all made sense when we got to the private event on the pier. The mood was set for the launch of Apothic DARK, the newest wine to join the Apothic Wines line.

Santa Monica - Pacific Park

Santa Monica – Pacific Park’s Ferris Wheel

Once we were past the ferris wheel, we played a guessing game of what’s in the Apothic DARK. With our eye masks on, we smelled various things that I know was fruit. Whether I was right or not about which fruit, I still got to keep my eye mask– and sample more wine.

Apothic DARK tasted like blackberries, blueberries and chocolate. I also detected some coffee notes. The DARK would be a good wine for a hearty stew. I think it would also be great with Thai food. There is a slight sweetness to it and would also be good if you want a little wine with your chocolate at the end of a meal.



The park was dark when we got there and all of the sudden the lights flipped on. The games started to whirl and did someone just turn on the music? The first game we played was Whac-a-mole, a very good game to get out your aggression.

ready, set, aim

ready, set, fire!

I was more into the water game, trying to get a bottle of Apothic to the top to win a prize.

the evil Rings game

the evil Rings game

One of the hardest carnival games seemed to be the Rings game. For a few dollars, you got a huge bucket of rings and yet all you had to do was toss one around a bottle to win a giant stuffed animal. I personally was gunning for the unicorn. However, fate would not grant me an unicorn. It’s probably a good thing.

Apothic DARK might be the wine to bring to your next Halloween party. Try a masked tasting for spooky twist on wine tasting.

Apothic Wines

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