Recap: Christmas Carol-oke with House Spirits

Chris Amirault guest bartending at Harvard & Stone

Chris Amirault guest bartending at Harvard & Stone

About a year ago I tasted through some of House Spirits’ line. I was at the time most aware of their Aviation gin but really enjoyed their rum, whiskey and aquavit offerings as well. Throughout this year, I have been happy to seek it out and had the best time at their recent Aviation gin party at Portland Cocktail Week.

I couldn’t resist then not attending their Los Angeles holiday party at Harvard and Stone last week. They were featuring Christmas Carol-oke and drinks by the Eveleigh’s Chris Amirault in the back R&D bar.


Clark Grismulled

Chris had a funny list of cocktail names that were appropriately in the holiday spirit which matched his elven personality. He chose to dress like Santa’s little helper. I couldn’t help but think of him as Buddy, the booze elf that no one knew about before. Many of the Eveleigh’s team turned up in Christmas sweaters complete with musical ties, holiday pajamas but the best was the Eveleigh’s head bartender Dave Kupchinsky as Bad Santa.

To begin the night, I had a warm mulled wine with Krogstad aquavit.

Clark Grismulled – Krogstad Aquavit, House Spirits coffee, merlot, winter spices

Bad Santa on the loose

Bad Santa on the loose

Harvard and Stone turned out to be the perfect place to have this rock and roll holiday party. Their Cheers, Bitches sign was absolutely appropriate to the mischievous mood. Plus, you never know what Bad Santa will do next.

Hank, the Christmas Poo

Hanky, the Christmas Poo

I was most intrigued by the vermouth in the Hanky, the Christmas Poo drink which Chris had infused with Christmas cookie. It was magical. I wouldn’t say it was quite like a Hanky Panky variation but it was delicious.

Hanky, the Christmas Poo – Aviation gin, Christmas cookie vermouth, Amaro Montenegro

Rum a Pum Pum Pump

A Rum Pum Pum Pump

Another great cocktail that night is the drink now known as the Pum Pum. A Rum Pum Pum Pump was a welcome citrus-y drink after one too many booze-forward drinks.

A Rum Pum Pum Pump – House Spirits rum, Aviation gin, lemon, orgeat, Miracle Mile Forbidden bitters

Christmas Carol-oke!

Christmas Carol-oke!

And now it’s time for Christmas Carol-oke. After we got that chick off the stage who sang Madonna songs non-stop, we had fun with holiday songs. Enjoy the videos!

All I want for Christmas…is You!

Last Christmas

Blurred Lines (not Christmas-y but the best!)

Harvard & Stone

5221 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027-4908 – (323) 466-6063

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