Recap: Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters at the Eveleigh

Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters

Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters

Once a friend asked me how fast could I make a drink? We were standing in front of one of my favorite bartender’s well and I said emphatically, “not very fast.” Yes, I like to mix drinks but I know I could never gain the speed and grace to deal with everyone and their orders night after night. I always admire guest bartenders who have to deal with a different bar every time they bartend at an unfamiliar bar. And for those who never really make drinks for a living, bartending for dozens of people can be a roller coaster of a ride. I know because I felt exhausted the time I shook so many drinks, I thought my arms would fall off. Note to self- if you guest bartend, don’t put a shaken drink on the menu!

That’s why I was so eager to support Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters on his guest bartending debut at the Eveleigh. It’s no secret he’s LA’s best bitters maker but I hadn’t realized just how extensive his line is.

various Miracle Mile Bitters

various Miracle Mile Bitters


The menu was straightforward. Louis featured 3 drinks including the Neon Rose, Right Hook and a Hot Buttered Rum.

Neon Rose – Beefeater gin, Cocchi Americano, barrel-aged Forbidden bitters

Hot Buttered Rum – choice of rum batter with gingerbread bitters or toasted pecan bitters

I was seriously impressed Louis brought almost all his bitters with him- over 20!! and was offering to make drinks with any of the bitters as his “fourth” drink on the menu. Most ended up being Manhattan style drinks but we heard he was doing a champagne cocktail with the toasted pecan bitters which sounded very lovely. My friend opted to try this one. I loved that it was served in a coupe, the original drinking vessel of champagne.

Louis' Right Hook

Louis’ Right Hook

I opted for Louis’ Right Hook, his rum variation of a Left Hand. The Neon Rose was a delightful drink as well. It had a bit of a zip to it that I thought was electric (neon, get it?).

Right Hook – Zaya 12-year rum, Campari, Caparno Antica sweet vermouth, Miracle Mile 7 Deadly bitters

Be on the look out for the new winter cocktails at Eveleigh and more guest bartenders soon.

Miracle Mile Bitters

The Eveleigh

8752 W Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 — (424) 239-1630
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