New Cocktails at Pour Vous

Pour Vous arealists

Pour Vous aerialists


Pour Vous recently launched a new cocktail list at their second year anniversary party which included aerialists, a food truck serving delicious crepes and champagne even came from the heavens (well, an aerialist pouring from a moon-shaped swing).

Beverage Director Francois Vera

Beverage Director Francois Vera


Pour Vous is currently managed by Francois Vera (formely Cole’s, Harvard & Stone).

La Vitamine

La Vitamine


I wanted to love La Vitamine but I thought a little too much was going on with it between the orgeat, avocado and banana flavors. Maybe if it was served with crushed ice to go for that South American/ tropical feel.

La Vitamine – Avua cachaca, Creme de Banane, orgeat, avocado, lime, salt

Marseille Can You See It

Marseille Can You See It

From Jim Meehan/ PDT (Please Don’t Tell), I tried Marseille Can You See It. This is definitely my kind of drink – brown, bitter, stirred. Plus, I liked it with the Noilly Prat amber vermouth. Usually I see whiskey with Benedictine so this was a nice switch up.

Marseille Can You See It – Banks Golden Rum, Benedictine, Noilly Prat amber vermouth, Miracle Mile celery bitters




We loved L’Americain, a neo-classic tall drink with bourbon and raspberry liqueur. It was very balanced between the maple syrup and the lemon.

L’Americain – Buffalo Trace bourbon, framboise liqueur, maple syrup, lemon, Angostura bitters


champagne from heaven

champagne from heaven


I’ll have to return for the other new drink on the menu, Le Mexican (Cabeza tequila, calvados, mezcal, Ancho Reyes liqueur, Miracle Mile yuzu bitters). It sounds like a party, much like Pour Vous.

Pour Vous

5574 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 – 323.871.8699

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