The Minty Reviews: Brenne Whisky


Brenne Whisky



Americans tend to think of bourbon or rye when you talk about whiskey. But ask a whiskey drinker what they like, they sometimes ask you, “from where?” The obvious other choices would include Scotch, Irish, Canadian and most recently, Japanese whisky has been media darlings.

Then Brenne came along. It must be French since it’s distilled in France and aged in Cognac barrels. Though Brenne is the result of a collaboration between American Allison Patel and a French cognac producer. It was Allison’s idea to age the whisky in cognac barrels. After 3.5 years, the whisky was released with no age statement as every barrel is bottled in single releases.

Brenne has a soft, round nose with a very sweet finish. Some have described it candy-like, even bubble gum-like. I have talked to some who loved that cotton candy taste and then there are some who expected it to taste like “whiskey.” But what should whiskey taste like? Putting French whisky in Cognac barrels seems to have produced a very new, exciting whisky.

With the trend of flavoring whiskey, something I’m not exactly fond of, I think we can find a happy medium with naturally sweet booze. I would enjoy this with a nice ice ball or an old fashioned, light on the simple syrup/sugar.


Brenne Whisky

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