The Making of the Smoking Jacket at 1886 Bar

Garrett setting up the Smoking Jacket


A few weeks ago, I caught the end of the winter cocktails at 1886. Although you can’t get the Smoking Jacket (pot still Irish whiskey, housemade 1886 tobacco bitters, maplewood smoke, orange vanilla ash) anymore, I thought it was such a cool process of how they made the drink, I had to post the photos. Created by bartender Lacey Murillo, head bartender Garrett McKechnie kindly showed us the steps to how to make the Smoking Jacket.

First you smoke the maplewood to gather the smoke into the glass.

capturing the smoke

As you can see, the smoke is now in the glass.

keeping the smoke in

Keep a napkin over the glass then pour the cocktail in.

tapping the (vanilla) ash in

Next, tap the orange vanilla “ash” into the glass.

The Smoking Jacket


Present the cocktail with the (fake) cigarette for the ultimate presentation. The cocktail reminded me of a smokey Manhattan. Very lovely and something I hope they bring back next Winter.


a flight of Caprice cocktails


Currently, 1886 is offering a flight of barrel-aged Caprice cocktails (gin, Benedictine, dry vermouth, orange bitters). You get a freshly made Caprice, one that’s aged 4 months and the final one is aged 1-year. Surprisingly, our table enjoyed the four-month best. It had mellowed just enough yet it was still distinctly a gin cocktail. The one-year seemed bordering on whiskey which is unsurprising as the cocktail is barrel aged in whiskey barrels.

In the meantime, the new Spring cocktails calls. I better get on it before it rolls around to summer again.


1886 Bar at the Raymond

1250 South Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105 — 626-441-3136


More photos here.

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5 thoughts on “The Making of the Smoking Jacket at 1886 Bar

  1. Ahh Thanks!! We actually still can make the drink! Usually it gets called for a few times a night! So you can enjoy it year around!


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